Yekani Manufacturing applies the latest advanced manufacturing techniques to bring our clients' products to market using the principles of Lean Six Sigma.  We recognise the persistent acceleration of technology and continue to invest in automation to connect our equipment, people and processes.

With advancements in technology changing every aspect of our lives, we help our clients launch new products that drive innovation. Our manufacturing expertise spans the telecommunications, smart energy and consumer industries. To maintain the necessary quality standards in our production, Yekani Manufacturing adheres to ISO 9001, SANS and IPC standards.



It's a bold new day at Yekani Manufacturing. On the 5th June 2018 we unveiled our new smart manufacturing facility at the East London Industrial Development Zone.

In a quest to continuously increase our value-add to clients we built a new facility to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of our manufacturing processes. Our 28 000m2 world-class facility is equipped with 8 state-of-the-art surface mount technology lines capable of placing 1.5 million components per hours (cph). A further 3 lines are in process of been installed which will take up the SMT capacity to 11 lines. All SMT line reflow process is lead free compliant. Our location in the ELIDZ affords us preferential access to the electricity grid which is supported by two 1.2MVA back-up generators in the unlikely event of electricity supply loss.

Our facility is located 3km from the East London airport and 10km from the East London harbour. This allows easy access to transportation, a good road network, and regular rail links to other major South African and global centres.


In a highly competitive environment where quality is paramount, it is important to have a manufacturer with the required capabilities and expertise to deliver quality products. We can produce kit assemblies, along with complete component procurement, CKD and SKD production that can be adjusted to suit client requirements.

Our contract manufacturing services include the following:
  • Component procurement
  • Conformal coating for protection of PCBs
  • Testing
  • SMT assembly
  • Through-hole Technology
  • X-Ray inspection and process verification

  • Our commitment to quality and best practice control ensures that all products, irrespective of complexity or specification, meet the stringent requirements of our clients and industry bodies.




Yekani Manufacturing has manufactured for a wide spectrum of clients.


The combination of our skilled staff and superior machinery has led to continued and increased business from our clients.